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MDI, Inc. DBA Store More Storage, LLC (Lessor)

449 Rebecca Street, Morgantown, WV 26505
(304) 292-1232

Leasing Agreement

All payments due by the 1st of each month to MDI, Inc

Lessor: MDI, Inc., 449 Rebecca Street, Morgantown WV 26505

Late payment fee: $10.00 per month / Dishonored check fee: $25

1. Month to Month Rental Terms:

The first month of the Rental Period will be pro-rated, each month after shall be rented on a full month basis. Occupancy on the 1st of the month shall make Lessee responsible for the full Rental Charge. Lessee agrees to pay Lessor in advance the Rental Charge, specified above. With regard to monthly Rental Periods, Lessee shall pay Lessor rent on a monthly basis with each such payment due on or before the 1st day of each month In the event that Lessee should abandon or vacate the unit(s), full monthly Rental payment is due for the entire Rental Period and shall not be reduced or pro-rated. Rental Charges may be paid by cash, check, or credit card. Monthly invoices will not be sent, unless previously arranged and agreed upon by management. It remains the lessee’s responsibility to pay on time without such invoice. (ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY THE 1st OF EACH MONTH)

2. Security Deposit:

Lessee shall pay to Lessor a Security Deposit, in the amount of one month’s rent, such Security Deposit shall be held by Lessor as guaranty of Lessee’s agreement, hereunder. In the event of damage to the Unit(s) or violation of this Agreement by Lessee, said Security Deposit may, at Lessor’s option be forfeited to Lessor in whole or in part as full or partial compensation to Lessor for said damage or breach or agreement. Upon checkout and in the event that the unit is vacated at the expiration of the term without violation of this Agreement and without damage, the Security Deposit shall be refunded after inspection and approval of the Unit(s) by Lessor. Lessee should remove all the contents of the unit at the expiration of this agreement at which time Lessee is responsible to return the unit(s) in a clean and usable condition. Failure to vacate unit in such a manner may result in forfeiture of security deposit. Lessee may not elect to forfeit security deposit in lieu of unpaid rent. Please allow 15 business days for deposit refund, and ensure the office has a current mailing address available, to ensure prompt refund.

**Upon vacating the unit the Lessee may notify the business office, ASAP by:
Sending an email to,
Calling the office at 304-292-1232, or by stopping by the office between 9am and Noon, Monday thru Friday

3. Storage Items and Restrictions:

Lessee will not store noxious, explosive, flammable, illegal or hazardous materials of any type or any material which may cause a nuisance or hazard to the Unit or surrounding units. No food, alcohol, firearms, fireworks, controlled or illegal substances, narcotics, pesticides, ammunition or other hazardous substances are permitted on the grounds or in a Unit at any time without prior written consent of Lessor. Units may only be utilized for lessee’s personal property and not for occupancy. Lessee shall not make any modification or change to the unit without prior written consent of Lessor. Animals are not permitted in any Unit unless by visually impaired Lessees. Lessee agrees that regular pest control measures may be, from time to time, utilized in the facility, which may include interior/exterior of Units. Lessee releases Lessor from liability for damage caused by pests. Lessee acknowledges that Lessor is not a public warehouseman or bailee and that Lessor is only renting space for storage of goods by Lessee. Lessee also acknowledges that lessor carries no insurance to cover any loss that lessee may incur while occupying the unit(s), nor does lessor hold custody, care or control for any personal property in the unit(s). The Unit is leased for the benefit of Lessee only. In the event that any child or other third party should accompany Lessee to the facility, Lessee shall unconditionally hold harmless, indemnify and defend Lessor from any and all injury or liability to person or property arising as the result of the presence of such child or third party at the facility.

4. Late payment or No payment:

Monthly Rental fees which are not actually received by Lessor and in Lessor’s possession on, or before 5:00 p.m. of the 10th of each month shall be subject to the Late Fee and Lessee shall be deemed in default under this Agreement. If by the end of business on the 30th of the month the Lessee remains in default, Lessor may lock or over lock the Unit and any access cards will be disabled. Such over-locking is to prevent the Lessee from utilizing or otherwise removing the contents of the Unit during such time as the Lessee is in default under this Agreement. If the Lessee's default continues for more than thirty (30) days, the Lessor shall enforce the Self-Service Storage Lien (see below).

Self-Service Storage Lien: Lessee hereby acknowledges that Lessor has a Self-Service Storage Lien on all personal property stored within the Unit. The Self-Service Storage Lien attaches as of the date the personal property is stored in the Unit and remains a lien until Lessee has satisfied the terms of this Agreement. In the case of any motor vehicle or watercraft which is subject to a lien previously recorded on the certificate of title, Lessee has a Self-Service Storage Lien on the motor vehicle or watercraft so long as the motor vehicle or watercraft remains stored within the Unit. If Lessee is in default under this Agreement, Lessor may elect to sell the personal property to satisfy the Self-Service Storage Lien or destroy the personal property if the value of the property would not reasonably discharge the costs of the sale and the Self-Service Storage Lien.

5. Lessor/Lessee Rights:

Lessor reserves the right to forcefully enter the leased space for emergency, necessity, or other reasonable cause such as default as outlined in this Agreement. Lessor shall not be held liable for damage or destruction of locks when removed by Lessor for such purposes. Lessor expressly disclaims all liability for any and all claims for loss and/or damage to any items by Lessee no matter what the cause including, but not limited to, damage from theft, fire, vandalism, moisture, water, mildew, temperature, insects, rodents, etc. Lessee, by execution hereof, releases Lessor from any liability for same and waives the right to assert such claim in the future.

6. Security Access:

Lessee may not give the gate card or building access card to any individual or entity not party to this agreement. In the event that it is established that Lessee has given the card out to any such party, Lessor shall disable the card. Lessee is also notified that the security gate may or may not be powered by electricity without a back- up power supply. Accordingly, the same may not function at all times. Lessor makes no warranty as to the suitability of said system and the tenant’s ability to access the premises during periods of power outage which are not within Lessor’s control. There is a card replacement fee of $5.00, for any lost cards. No more than two cards will be issued at origination of lease agreement.

Other items of Importance:

All notices or changes to addresses/phone numbers to be provided to Lessor may be served by mail, fax, or e-mail; MDI, Inc. – 449 Rebecca Street, Morgantown WV 26505, Fax: (304) 241-5983, E-mail: All notices to Lessee may be served in likewise manners depending on the information provided in this lease. Lessee must furnish all locks to be utilized by Lessee to secure Lessee’s Unit as may be necessary under the circumstances. Lessor shall not be held liable for theft, damage, destruction or vandalism to locks. Round locks are for sale in the business office, for convenience, as an option.

West Virginia Law to Apply:

This agreement to be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of West Virginia and the parties agree to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate Court and Circuit Court of Monongalia County, or the United States District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia, with regard to any dispute arising with regard to the subject matter hereof.


Mileground Industries, Inc.

Notice: You can download, print Lease Agreement form, and bring it to our office; however units are rented on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, the online Request is suggested. Unit availability cannot be guaranteed.

I have read and agree to the above Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.
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